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Equi-Drol Reviews

I just finished a bottle of EQUI-DROL and it was AWESOME!!!!!. Drink plenty of water other than that no sides. Incredible pumps and feeling of strength and endurance during workouts. Stacked this with a good diet and a good whey isolate and made some good gains, a little milk thistle didn’t hurt either just in case. Highly recommended to adult users and serious athletes.

Edward L.
Del City, OK

EQUI-DROL increased my lifts all across the board with bench being the greatest increase with an increase of 35lbs in less than 4 weeks. I ran one cycle for 4 weeks (one bottle). I gained 13lbs and maintained muscle definition in the process.

Vince H.
Appleton, WI


Simply the best legal cycle I’ve ever used in 15 years. My strength went up on a 4 week cycle. I kept very accurate records of weight, weighing myself every day before my WO. My weight went from 197 to 211. I’ve never been over 203 before in my life. I don’t know if this is banned yet, but the STRENGTH CYCLE is amazing!! No sides for me whatsoever. Can’t wait to try again in a few months.

Isaac B.
Dallas, TX


This stuff is awesome! I’ve been using EQUI-DROL for 2 weeks now and I feel like I can pump weights all day. It gives me a ton of energy and the pumps are crazy. I’ve gained 5 lbs of muscle and I can tell my chest, arms and back are getting bigger and stronger.

Justin C.
Binghamton, NY


This stuff is the real deal. You can take it by itself or stack it in a cycle with other products. It is going to work for anyone who takes it. Great strength and energy turns you into a beast in the gym!

Dennis S.
Northern Territory, Australia


This stuff works I went from 230lbs to 242lbs in four weeks. My muscle is alot fuller and i feel thighter and the pumps are crazy, it feels like my muscle is coming out of the skin.

Marcos G.
Inverness, FL